1. Booking for Nature Park Harrachov can be only made in written/by email. Booking by phone is not acceptable.
  2. Booking is confirmed by the written confirmation (email) of a person authorized by Chalet 12.
  3. On-line booking is binding.
  1. Binding booking is hotel’s obligation to book the required number of beds for the client for agreed dates. It also is a customer’s obligation to use the booking on the agreed dates. Upon cancellation or using only part of the booking the customer is obliged to pay the cancellation fee.
  2. The customer can change/cancel the booking online at latest 60 days before the arrivale date.
  3. If the customer requires the change/cancellation of booking 59 and less days before the arrival date the inquiry must be sent in written/by email to hotel’s contact address. 
  4. Upon binding booking the customer may be asked to pay the advance of 50 to 100% of the total amount at any time.
  5. Cancellation fees are damages paid to the hotel as follows:
    • Upon cancellation up to 60 days before the arrival date - 0
    • 59 to 32 days before the arrival date: 15 % of the advanced payment
    • 31 to 22 days before the arrival date: 50 % of the advanced payment
    • 21 to 15 days before the arrival date: 75 % of the advanced payment
    • 14 days and less before the arrival date - 100 % of the advanced payment
  6. At latest 7 days after the written cancellation the customer will receive the advanced payment reduced by the respective cancellation fee.


  1. If booking is made more than 65 days before the arrival date the customer will receive the invoice for the advanced payment of 100 % of the total amount with a 5-day maturity.
  2. If booking is made less than 65 days before the arrival date the customer shall pay the whole amount without delay.
  3. If the payment is not paid within the maturity date the booking will be deemed cancelled.
  4. The customer can pay by a bank transfer or PayPal.
  5. The customer can pay the amount to Chalet 12 bank account. The confirmation of the payment must be provided upon arrival.
  6. If the customer pays on-line by a card the amount will be paid to PayPal account stated on web pages of Chalet 12.
  7. The price includes the fees (accomodation, spa etc.) that are mandatory based on regulations of the respective municipal authority.
  1. Upon entering into the contract the customer becomes entitled to use the premises and equipment which are available to customers under special conditions. (The customer must comply with hotel’s internal regulations.)
  2. The customer can complain about indeficiencies. The customer is obliged to file the complaint without delay so that the indeficiency can be removed on spot if possible. Filing the complaint on the spot enables to remove the indeficiency immediately whereas filing the complaint later makes it difficult to evalute and remove the insuficiency.
  3. The customer guarantees about any damage he/she or other guests staying at the chalet with him/her make. Therefore the customer makes the deposit of 5,000 CZK/200 EUR upon arrival. The amount shall be paid back upon departure provided there is no damage to the premises.
  4. The customer shall hand over the chalet in the original condition.
  1. Gift vouchers are non-refundable. They are valid for the time period stated therein (max of 1 year).
  1. The General Conditions come into force on 1 Mar 2018. Any amendments can be made by the hotel and customer in written only.
  2. Customer’s personal data will be used solely for the contract entered into by the hotel and customer.